Rising Artist of the Week: UK Bass Music Producer Spacegat

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Please inform us about your electronic music journey so far.
Photo credit Spacegat

So I came across Inspector Dubplates Moustache Mixtape around 8-9 years back which was my gateway into digital music. I had been listening to artists like DIESEL, VASKI, TOMBA, BORGORE and I decided to receive a copy of mess and Abelton . Rap instrumentals, House, weird dubstep / trap and whatever literary came in to my mind. Just last year I came across bassline, and That is where SPACEGAT was first born. I wanted a name which represented the noise I’m attempting to drive out. 

This course actually was a B facet to our tune Make Some Noise that we made last year. We wanted to make something vibey and energetic for your rave, showing off our styles both. I think this track definitely does this, and we’re really exited to get this. The 3 words I’d use to describe this monitor would be Bouncy, Energetic and hefty. 

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Building Your Audience

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You have spent lots of time, energy, and money making your film, and after it is done you need make sure it doesn’t wind up just like a wallflower in the online video celebration –you will need to consciously search for watchers.

At the 2012 Vimeo Festival, Vimeo’s Blake Whitman, director Philip Bloom and designer Nick Campbell got down to a serious talk about the way to raise and maintain an audience for the work.

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French DJ Michael Calfan Adds Lively Hayden James Remix to Arsenal

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Check out Micheal Calfan’s chops through his Tomorrowland 2019 set.

Practice Michael Calfan:

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Press play My Place ’ ‘ on:

I’ve loved Hayden’s audio since ‘Something About You’. I’m happy to be part of the remix package – ‘Nowhere is a song!

Miichael Calfan

Photo through Hayden James’ FB

Michael Calfan

An memory we chased we’d overlook …

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Comparable to Michael Calfan, Hayden James was noticed by us after their remix of ‘ Something dropped About at 2016 at SnowGlobe for its NYE countdown. Hayden is focusing on a US Tour therefore be sure you extent the
dates and places .

French DJ and house music enthusiast, Michael Calfan, has teamed up with Australian producer, Hayden James, for a stimulating remix of ‘Nowhere To Move ’ comprising NAATIONS. The summer feel-good was flavored with sprinkles of Calfan, adding a positive bit of groove.

Calfan shared with us his thoughts to the remix:
Photo through MIchael Calfan FB

To get Hayden James, he’s collected mass streams, approximately 11 million, together with his debut record ‘Between Us’. With names such as Billboard, Forbes, along with the Grammys supporting his songs, he’s been able to sell his massive New Zealand and Australia tours.

This isn’t. Only weeks after publishing his next single of the year, ‘Wild Game’, the tune scored BC Radio 1’s ‘Tune of the Week’. Additional notable accolades consist of snagging the #1 spot using ‘My Location ’ about the UK’s Front Club Charts.

Michael Calfan’s remix of ‘The Way To Move ’.

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Canaltown Short Spooky Movie Festival (aka Spookyfest)

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Canaltown Short Spooky Movie Festival (aka Spookyfest) 09/19/2019
A diverse selection of short, spooky, moving image shorts (seven (7) minutes or less) presented live, in downtown Honesdale, Pennsylvania, USA. A popular, audience vote decides which particular shorts have home the custom crafted Spooky Awards (aka Spookies) at the end of the night. The popcorn is equally amazing, so you ought to not only submit however attend. Cheers!

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